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Light pollution

In Germany recently areas have been created in which it is quite dark. These are the biosphere reserve on the Swabian Alb, the Vogelsberg in Hesse. It is dark in Postdam and on the Frisian Islands. This is not only a blessing for stargazers, but also for humans and animals. We depend on the yellow license. The blue light, which the EU has found to save energy, keeps us awake. To really save energy, the lamps would need even less watts. That's why astronomers move on to the last dark areas of this earth. Light influences our daytime rythm. In the evening the light is dimmed at home. Again, when I sit in the tram in the evening with its white and blue lights and have previously been in a very brightly lit room, I do not fall asleep so quickly. At the coffee consumption in the afternoon that can not be. If you drive home in the evening in the bright light, it is good if you wear sunglasses. So you fall asleep faster.

Christmas lighting on houses? I prefer the stars. What does this have to do with Christmas? For example, Christmas trees are of pagan origin and have been in use for only 200 years. Cities and balconies are decorated ever more conspicuous. This looks cheap and tasteless. The light disturbs humans and animals. That no one has yet come to ban exuberant light to save energy, otherwise everything is prohibited for environmental reasons. Nobody thinks of saving energy. An article in the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" once said: "Dear fairy lights for Christmas as garden gnomes in summer. Yes,  the dear garden gnomes, allegedly loved only by so-called philistines." The attitude does not show from a wide horizon but garden gnomes consume no energy and do not disturb the darkness of the night like the overflowing Christmas lights. Unfortunately, energy is still too cheap. White light radiates in all directions instead of the light shining only upwards. Who still knows the starry sky today? The stories anchored in our starry sky have something to do with our culture. Who knows the Milky Way? I still know the bright starry sky in the country, which looks like the planetarium. The light also changes our sleep-wake rhythm, the plants do not bloom well in a lit environment. The birds begin to sing in a lighted city earlier.