Book Astronomie in der Stadt

Book Astronomie in der Stadt

ISBN-13: 9783830118497

BoD 17.06.2020

Stars in a City and History about Astronomy and the Astrolabe

  My book deals with star evoloution and  how to find exoplanets. It goes on with  star constellations we use in the West.  You  will read about  the live of Kepler, Newton an other scientists. The star maps in the book are painted with pencil. Coordinate  systems used in astronomy and carthography is taught. I write about  the stereographical projection used for maps. This method was use used to engrave the meridians onto the old astronomical instruments, like the astrolabe. Go on reading about the obserarion of the sun starting, the beginning of spectroscopy in the 19th century. Learn the naming of stars and optics.

This Book is written in German.

My books also deal with cartography. You don't get  it online. If you find pages where you are offered to download my book, take into account that those people are not entitled to do so. These pages are mostly written in a horrible Englisch.